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Mmmmmmmm pie.

In an act of self-defense, I offloaded a few slices of random-berry pie and the ENTIRE remaining keylime pie with elvinborn and elvinmom, who were kind, complimentary, and have invited me to make pie for them any time.

Then I came home this evening and made another pie.

I know. I... I'm sorry. I can't think what came over me. I had these leftover strawberries and... I'm sorry. I know I have a problem. Some kind of terrible Pie Problem.

The good news is, it is Highly Experimental Pie, so I may end up having to throw it out anyway.

* * *

*blink* OMG.

Well, okay, I shouldn't be surprised, how wrong can you possibly go with strawberries, cream cheese, and chocolate? But still. I have made highly decent pie here.

Not sure a graham crust is quite right here, although the cinnamon is nice... my pie plate gets much hotter than the typical foil lined ones, so the crust got burnt. I either need to cook it on a lower temp or just use a bought crust. I didn't actually have the butter I needed, so I tempered it with lard instead (if you have never made one, a graham pie crust is nothing more than graham cracker crumbs and melted butter, some cinnamon if you like), and the lard wasn't sticking right so I added an egg, and at that point, I may have just messed with it too much. Still. It's not bad. And, well, it did stick together...

I can say what I put in this, but I didn't measure anything, really: half a small tub of softened cream cheese mixed with about three heaping tablespoons of cocoa powder and probably half a cup of sour cream and a dash of salt, all stirred up together, and then strawberries with half a cup of sugar mixed in, allowed to sit and form syrup, and then added to the cream cheese/cocoa mixture. I'm guessing there were around a cup and a half of strawberries. Enough of them to get a strawberry in every bite.

It needs to be baked at 350, I was using 375. Given how awful my oven is, that probably means 325. I don't know how long, but longer than half an hour. It's pretty obvious once the chocolate sets up... it hadn't set completely on mine before I had to take it out lest the crust get burnt past edible, but it was still stiff enough to come out in one piece when I sliced it. Nice custardy texture.

Anybody wanna help out with this? What else might you try?

I like my pie plate. Nothing sticks to the bottom. I will definitely have to try putting a dough crust in there to see how it turns out... I bet the fact that the plate gets so much hotter in the oven than a foil or paper lining would do a dough crust some good, in my oven.

* * *

Oo oo oo! I didn't even think about it, but whipped cream on top would MAKE this.

What happens if you whip cream an entire pie and stick it into the fridge that way? Does the cream form a nice stiff (stable) topping, or do you pretty much have to wait and put it on each piece as you serve them?
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