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Tea Enabling

More Revolution Tea:  I decided to try a sampler!

Black Citron - and the reason why I decided to try a sampler is this tea.  I just took one look and thought, that sounds kind of different and cool, and I want to try it.

The tea lives up to it's name.  It's strong black tea, and the flavoring is not citrus, it's literal citron, the flavor of candied citrus peelings.  I happen to like citron, but it does have a very distinctive taste, and it's nothing like what you would be looking for in a citrus spice tea.  The first sip of this left me with a feeling of intense nostalgia.  What on earth IS that taste?  I know that taste!  Had the tea been cold, I'd have recognized it immediately:  this tea tastes like a hot version of my southern grandma's iced tea:  strong, sweet, and liberally dosed with squirts from that yellow bottle of fake lemon stuff she always used to put in it.  I'm tempted to ice it and sweeten it with sugar just to test the difference.  In any case, I probably won't get it again, since I don't really like iced tea (and particularly not strong artificially lemonated iced tea), but it's a very interesting taste experience.  I didn't let cream anywhere near this tea.

Organic green - yup, that's green tea.  Oddly, I find myself gravitating toward it.  It's just a nice, regular green tea, inoffensive with or without sweetener.  I'm not sure I would ever drink green or white tea if it weren't for the caffeine levels:  for late afternoon when black tea is too much but herb tea would knock me out, I love a nice cup of mid-level caffeine tea, something I can drink unsweetened.  This is a nice, basic green.  I bet I could find a cheaper one that tastes pretty much the same.

White Pear - oh, this is a lovely afternoon tea.  The taste of pear is light and refreshing, and goes perfectly with white tea.  Unsweetened, it's just a nice white with a hint of fruitiness that doesn't quite make it sweet.  I prefer it sweetened just a little bit.

Enough about Revolution and their snooty little boxes.  elvinborn introduced me to a tea from the Renaissance Festival called Fairy's Dew... I believe they sell it at the tea room there.  If anybody can lend us the name of the place, we would appreciate that.

Fairy's Dew - as she described it, a very light sunflower tea.  With sugar, it tastes exactly like it sounds... sweet, light, and with the tang that can only be described as sunflowery.  With honey (I had mine with honey), it tastes even more strongly flowery.  Highly recommended, especially as a spring or summer drink -- and that's an awfully nice thing to be able to say about a hot tea.  I get bummed about the fact that most of my teas just don't taste as good in summer as they do during the winter.
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