Wiseacre (ewin) wrote,


Things classic European fantasy has taught us:

1.  Don't piss off the trees.

2.  Don't piss off the river, either.

3.  You know what?  Just don't go OUTSIDE if you suspect you may be a bad guy.

A sad, sad commentary on my cultural training up until this point:  the moment where Peter and Caspian are clashing and sizing each other up, I lean over to elvinborn and say, "Slashfic has ruined me forever."

Otherwise... the men are mostly hott, and as far as Caspian goes... dude.  (I'll be in my bunk.)  And the rest of the movie is fantastic!  Highly enjoyed the whole thing.  I know the book very well, and I think I agree with the things they changed, even while I snickered at some of the resultant Drama.
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