Wiseacre (ewin) wrote,

Culinary adventures, Part 32,298

I bought a nice big pack of raw, in-shell pumpkin seeds from Nutty Guys (an online store), fully intent upon two things:  salted roasted pumpkin seeds, and sugared spicy pumpkin seeds.  The roasted pumpkin seeds went out without a hitch.  The sugared ones... not so much.

They turned out SO WELL last November, so I'm not sure what I did differently this time... well, except for using triple the amount of pumpkin seeds.  Because last time the amount of sweet spicy seeds I made were just not nearly enough.  Except for George, who doubtless still has a few seeds left of the offering I gave him so many months ago, in a tiny little container on his computer desk.

At any rate, my sugar was not caramelizing, so I added a good dollop of water.  Oh.  There it went.  Abruptly I had a dark brown bubbling mess on my hands, and it was then I realized that I'd gone from the formerly 30-second-long operation of spicing some pumpkin seeds and gone into Candying Territory.  As someone who knows perfectly well that it can take the tiniest bit of sugar syrup all-fucking-day-long to crystallize, I was not amused.

So I just kept the heat on high and stirred the stuff until it... kinda sorta crystallized.

I have created... spicy pumpkin brittle.  Fortunately, it's still very tasty.

(The main difference between these pumpkin seeds and fresh ones scooped right from out the pumpkin:  these are a bit more rubbery, tend to roast up less crisp.  And of course I'm missing the lovely pumpkiny bits.  They arrived washed and scrubbed and almost bleached-looking.  But oh well.)
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