Wiseacre (ewin) wrote,

Chickin a-la Dead-dead-deadski

I just made some absolutely beautiful baked chicken breasts, smothered in cocktail onions and pickled artichoke hearts, with coconut oil and tarragon vinegar and japanese pepper and rosemary and...

I totally, completely, INSANELY overcooked them.  Wow.  I have rubber chicken breasts.  (Insert mental image of your choice here.)

I'm sure this had something to do with my wanting to fit an entire workout into the cooking time, but still.  Duuuude.  These are impressively and nearly inedibly overdone.  But the trimmings and spices are so yummy that I'm choking one of them down anyway.  Dried-out meats are an art form for me, for chrissakes!  I refuse to be defeated by only slightly dehydrated chicken.

I also refuse to throw the other two breasts away.  I guess I'll chuck 'em in the food processor and make soup.  Tasty, tart, slightly chewy soup.
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