Wiseacre (ewin) wrote,

More kitty notes

elvinborn, you remember telling me about smearing the kittylax stuff just right inside the side of Thorin's mouth to make him swallow it?

That trick works like a freakin' CHARM on Bishop.  Which is good, because I'm tired of cleaning little globules of it off the furniture from him shaking it fiercely right off his paw.  I just smear it on the side of his mouth, and he'll sit there and lick until it's gone.  I just watched him as a dribble fell off his mouth onto the floor... whereupon he leaned down and cleaned it up.  (Instincts are funny, eh?)  It doesn't even seem to freak him out that much.

I'm starting to realize, for probably the first time in my life, the advantages of having a cat that came to me as a kitten, who was raised by absolutely trustworthy people from birth (I got Bishie from George's parents, who took in the pregnant mother cat).  Angel, no matter what, perpetuates in the belief that I am trying to kill her any time I wrap her up to trim her claws or give her medicine.  Bishop doesn't like these things, either.  But if Mommy is doing them, he'll go along with it.  And it's not just the relative level of cooperation... Bishop has this adorable habit; whenever I do something that bothers him, he runs away afterward, and then immediately runs back toward me, to be comforted.

Angel sorta kinda does that.  Whenever she puts up a bloody awful fight with me, she'll avoid me and then eventually come back out and want to sniff at me as if to say, "Hmmph.  I suppose you couldn't help TORTURING me to death, so I'll forgive you.  This time."

I've put kitty cushions on my gaming chair and the couch-side quilt stack, to keep them from getting absolutely covered in cat hair.  Miss Princess has been giving me big reproachful eyes for a week.  She deigned, finally, to take a nap in her gaming chair today.  But she made it clear to me while napping that she was not enjoying it.  Not one bit.  *twitch twitch*

A few minutes ago, Bishop decided to hop up and taste the puddle of sauce leftover from my chicken dinner (I looked away for two seconds)... I would have been angry at him, but his facial expression upon encountering the tarragon vinegar was too funny.  You don't usually see a cat licking its chops with horrified dismay on its little kitty face.
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