Wiseacre (ewin) wrote,

More fun with cooking...

I had a bunch of stuff marinating in the fridge.  I hate it when I do that and then just leave it there... well, marinating... so I'm glad I got around to cooking the stuff this time.

The stuff:  some steaks in wine and olive oil (and other stuff, what, you think I wouldn't spice them? pssh), and some liver in lemon juice and oil and, well, more stuff.

I just can't leave liver alone.  It's the most fascinating meat ever.  And it's so cheap!  So this time I did my own version of liver and bacon and onions, and actually, it turned out quite good.  I'm sure the steaks will be fine.  (I have to figure out more things to do with liver.  Seriously.  Have you seen how cheap this stuff is?  It's amazing.)

And now I'm turning my overcooked chicken of the other evening into soup.  mfree, your suggestion was good, but I'm just way too in love with making soup.  Besides which, this soup has yet more onions and artichoke hearts, plus broccoli and pine nuts.  So far it's really, really good.
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