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Healing Trauma

I always feel guilty putting huge files on shaftnet, but oh well.  :)

Those of you who wanted a copy of the visualizations for healing trauma:

Here is a zipped file containing the mp3's.  It's over 80MB.

It sounded like there was a definite preference for a digital version, so that's what I've provided.  But my original offer still stands:  if you email me your mailing address, I will send you a cd copy of these.

The first track contains an introduction and the instructions for the visualization.  It tells you everything you need to know!

The second track contains the visualization.  The third track contains affirmations.  I was mistaken in believing that there was more than one visualization on here; there is just the one, but it's very effective (and meant to be used repeatedly).

For additional visualizations, please check out Invisible Heroes by Naparstek, because it has several chapters' worth of visualizations for every stage of trauma, and for multiple purposes.  They can be read and recorded for yourself.  (I've been told I have a pleasant, soothing voice... I'm seriously considering recording some of these and offering them out if people want them.  But I bet Naparstek has recorded versions of most of them as well.)
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