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Just getting myself organized, here

Okay.  Owing at least in (big) part to my own lack of organization, I've got pledges scattered all over the place.  Now I have to figure out how much my Blogathon earned... phew!  Because I have NO idea.

By the way, you can still pledge up until Tuesday (I have been informed this is the official rule).

To do tomorrow:

- Track down all of the pledges.

- Read all my fellow blogathonner's lj's.  Oh yes.  Because I could never have done it without so many other supportive folks around me.  And shadesong, hosting us like that?  She's a jewel.  There is no other way to say it.

- Collect everything off of ewinbee and stick it on here.  Don't worry, I'll be gluing together all of the serialized stories and putting them behind cuts, so it won't be 49 repeated posts.  :)

Post some here about my experiences.  No can do right now.

I'll be low on the wordbank for a bit.  :)
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