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Pledging, donating, etc.

This is the last post I will make to ewinbee, so that anybody who goes by it will see it at the top:

I did Blogathon 2008, on behalf of the American Heart Association.

The first post for Blogathon is here, which explains why I picked them as my charity (basically, they helped me and my parents when I was a baby).  If you start there, you can read the whole thing... all of the serialized stories will be in order.

YOU MAY STILL PLEDGE ME UNTIL TOMORROW!  Pledging:  to tell me that you are donating a certain amount of money to the American Heart Association on behalf of my efforts.  YOU MAY DONATE LATER ON IF YOU NEED TO!  I trust you.

Here is where you make your donation!  No, you don't have to mention my name, you just go and donate.  (I mentioned this before:  I don't want the AHA to think that I'm claiming to represent them in any way.  I just want to give them money.)

IF YOU DONATE, make sure that you leave me a comment, or email me, how much your pledge was, so that I can keep track of how much I earned for the AHA!


Currently, my thanks go out to:  My Mom, digitalemur, toqueville, maverick_weirdo, skyra, australian_joe, a_dodecahedron, moonchsr, turdburgler, mashfanficchick, xantha, jennifer, annbonny, wired_lizard, nevacaruso, marmota.  You guys made it all worthwhile! Yay, we broke the $400 barrier!

If you have said "I will pledge", but have not given me an amount yet, please do so, and I'll add you to the above list.  I know there are a couple of you who have said this... just let me know when you know how much you want to give.  *hugs*
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