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I Feel Good, dunnanunnanunnanuh...

Didn't get up until 9, went for my run anyway.  At 9am!  Go me!  People even said hi to me.

(This is my goal.  By the time I get back to living in a city again, I will be able to run in full view of people without caring anymore.)

Afterward I had a swim, got a bit of sun, enjoyed having the pool to myself.  Presumably one of these days I'll be able to swim in front of people again.

Of course I had to pay my dues.  The first time I ducked underwater, I noticed white bars and red plastic rising in front of my face.  It was a deck chair, and with a lot of gasping and flapping around (strong swimmer I ain't) I hauled it out of the water.

One of my neighbors was chilling on his back porch.  I waved at him and exchanged a friendly wtf-who-threw-a-chair-in-the-water?  His answer:  kids.

So I caught my breath, dove back under, and there... was a lounge chair.  You know, the enormous ones with the backs that adjust up and down?  So I hauled that out, too.  It appeared to be seriously injured, for a lounge chair.  Fortunately none of the tables had been sent to a watery grave.

I reported the injured lounger to the front office and gave them my rent check, which was a risky move on my part.  The bank is holding my student loan check until the 7th.  Grit your teeth and think happy thoughts, childrens...  (I'm sure it will be fine.  The sound you hear is not my teeth.)

Anyway, I feel great right now, I'm cooking some pork concoction put together by Publix (it was on sale) and watching 21.  In one of the early scenes in the movie, they discuss the famous statistics question about the gameshow with the three doors... the same one that caused such controversy on Ask Marilyn.  *grin*

(It's movie catch up weekend.  I watched 300 the other night and enjoyed it very much, and I've also got Howl's Moving Castle after that...)
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