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Oh ye late-evening Walmart trip

Driving around at 11pm because I feel RESTLESS but GREAT?  Yeah.  My chemical balance is off right now.

Fortunately, Walmart is open 24 hours, and they have a nice spice section, so now I own ground savory.  My spice shelf is not so much a toolchest as it is a treasured collection of every possible spice I can lay my hands on.  I must have them all.  What do I need savory for?  Who cares.  I just need it.  To have it.  So that I can linger before my spice shelf and run my fingers over the little bottles and laugh uproariously.  "They're mine... alllll miiiiine!!"

I took a moment to sneer unkindly at the crystallized ginger.  Then took another moment to sneer regretfully at the terribly old, wrinkly ginger in the fresh ginger bin.  I need to get my hands on some really nice, fresh roots so that I stop killing innocent civilians with my candied ginger.  Any of you know a guy who knows a guy?

Howl's Moving Castle was incredible, but then, it's a Miyazaki.  And it was romantical, which may have even more to do with me driving around in the middle of the night.  21 was entertaining and semi-forgettable; I may have to own it just for the math.

Links!  Both of these are from mfree:

This is cute:  It's a GI-Joe stop-action animation music video which does a rendition/tribute to John Carpenter's The Thing.  The url amuses me, too.

Even cuter:  Little.  Teensy.  Tinsey.  Houses.  At first you look at these and go, why?  And then the longer you look, the more you just want to have one.  They are wee!  And cute!  (And wee!)
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