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Carrie's baby

For those of you who don't know already, Carrie (formerly Nesbitt, and who will always be known as Kiwi) did indeed have her baby, back in May.  I've been wanting to let everybody know, but, heh, I've held off on making an official announcement here because... well... I keep forgetting their last name, and miss Kiwi can be hard to get ahold of these days.  Well, she just sent me a short letter, and now I know.  Carrie is now Carrie Dowdy, her husband is David Dowdy -- a wonderful guy, who I got the chance to meet back in November.

The baby's name is Marina Eve Dowdy, which I think is lovely.

The baby's name is NOT Melinda Eazy, which is what geogre swore to me up and down that it was before Kiwi corrected me.  Word to the wise:  if geogre ever tells you anything that came from Kiwi, mark my words, it will come out completely garbled.  (You know you do it on purpose, boo.)
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