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06 August 2008 @ 07:55 pm
Regarding Gary Oldman  
*lifts an eyebrow slowly*

I agree he's a brilliant actor, as I have known he's a brilliant actor for over fifteen years now (elvinborn, OMG no you DID NOT just accuse me of not knowing who he was!).  But I join the ranks of several gazillion established critics when I say that Gary Oldman has been known... many, many, MANY times... to be unsubtle.

In fact, accusing Gary Oldman of being unsubtle is a bit like accusing grass of growing in an upward fashion.  I'm baffled it warranted commentary at all.


He's relatively understated as Gordon, and I've enjoyed the contrast.  That's the end of my sentiments on the matter.  Don't poke me.
Current Mood: grumpygrumpy
Hostes alienigeni me abduxerunt. Qui annus est?: flerpy derpy doofreyja on August 7th, 2008 01:56 am (UTC)
well, they don't call him "crazy gary oldman" for nothing. (actually, did they start calling him that just for the "wanted" poster from the prisoner of azkaban* movie? whatever, he was crazy before that too)

* where does that fall on the patheticness scale when one can successfully spell "azkaban" the first time around but not "prisoner"?
some blockheaded bracegirdle from hardbottle: hp - snape's book sevennotemily on August 9th, 2008 04:53 pm (UTC)
"Crazy Gary Oldman" actually comes from cleolinda's Hannibal in Fifteen Minutes parody, but it worked extremely well for her Prisoner of Azkaban stuff, too.

FLASHBACK: In the only scene in which you will actually see Gary Oldman's real face in the entire movie, he and '80s Lecter, who mercifully does not have the ponytail he was sporting in Red Dragon, go back to Verger's Apartment of Child Molesting, because Lecter is his psychiatrist and... what? That's professional. He offers Verger "a poppah" and proceeds to watch Verger lose his fool mind, which Verger appears to do for fun most weekends anyway.

LECTER: You know, really, I hardly did anything to the guy. I'm not even sure he actually took the damn pill. He just started flailing around and shouting, "I'M SO CRAZY! LOOK AT ME! I'M CRAZY GARY OLDMAN!" If you hand a shard of mirror to a guy and he thinks cutting off his own face is a good idea, how is that my fault? Look, he hadn't fed those dogs in four days. I'm surprised they hadn't started gnawing on his toes before then, much less his severed face.
jessxantha on August 8th, 2008 04:16 am (UTC)
ya know what makes me crazy about him? he LOOKS totally different in every role. I usually have no idea it was him until the CREDITS! heh. it's almost absurd. nick and I were talking about him a week or so after we saw _the dark knight_ (I had no idea it was him! heh) and happened to catch _the professional_ on tv.
rogue equestrian: DH:: Gettin the Evil ONelvinborn on August 9th, 2008 01:58 am (UTC)
hee! yeah I did :D

I'm with xantha on the never knowing it's him until the credits. He usually plays such outrageous characters when I Do notice him and he plays them without being overblown. for me, this makes him quite subtle. but then, I never really got the whole "chewing the scenery" thing anyway