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The Long Run (not so much) and miscellany

Saturday is set aside as my long run day, because I have no time limit.  Why this is funny:  I run maybe 1 Saturday morning out of every ten or so, and when I do, I rarely run for long, because I'm usually hung over from Friday night (hungover = from food or staying up too late, only occasionally from drinking).

But today I had what I'd call a real run.  And that is awesome.  I'm finally running for long stretches and only stopping to stretch.  It's still a very short distance, but I don't care.  My shins are cooperating.  My shoes are competent.  And this morning, a hawk with a black-banded tail did an amazing loop-de-loop maneuver right over my head... the kind of move I've only ever seen done by a fighter jet.  :)

Very random thoughts:

I tend to have good runs on really terrible mornings.  I think that's true for several people on runners.

Just had some pork chops smeared in guac.  This would be one in a series:  recipes that use guacamole without requiring tortilla chips.  So far, so good.

Girliness:  I always feel dismayed and vaguely betrayed each few years when my taste buds or smell sensors switch gears on me.  Apparently I like floral scents now.  What?  Since when?  Why?  (But I don't wanna!)

I have a new laundry divider bin.

There's an Asian market nearby here, that I'm going to go check out today.

I apparently have all of the Bone comics except... the first one.  (What?  Since when?  Why?  How?  But I don't wanna!)  Which needs immediate rectification.  I think I probably just lent it out somewhere.

Patricia McKillip's Solstice Wood is going to make me go back and read Winter Rose again, which is interesting.

Oh, and as elvinborn reminded me, the humidity level today is 60% or thereabouts. According to TWC, it's a bona fide phenomenon.
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