Wiseacre (ewin) wrote,

Unscheduled break

I have inadvertently converted my wireless router into a... switch. So I'm writing this from my desktop, which is pokey and slow and altogether far less satisfactory than Tank (the laptop).

Yes, I had a good reason. I also paid attention to the IP given, only then to realize that there was some sort of an error, and I couldn't switch my switch from... being... a switch. Back. To being a router. *gets confused* Anyway. Point is, the only reason it's not fixed is because a) I'm too lazy to call tech support just now, and b) this is a great time to take a semi-fate-enforced break from being on lj and from being online, period.

Expect Posty McPostalot when I return. I've been writing posts on Tank. Which I can't post. Because Tank can't connect right now and I'm not going to crawl underneath Dozer to grab the cable.

I'll be on the sofa reading comics.
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