Wiseacre (ewin) wrote,

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elvinborn wanted cookies.  "But I don't have cookies."

We discussed the awesomeness that is cookies.  elvinborn mentioned that she had stuff to make brownies, but not stuff to make cookies.

I said, "Well, all you really lack is chocolate chips..."

elvinborn:  "But I have chocolate chips."

Me:  *blink*.  "Then... we can make cookies."

elvinborn:  "But how?  HOW?"  <- slight dramatization

We just made from-scratch chocolate mint chip (we had minty chips) cookies in elvinmom's convection oven.  And they were gooood.  ARE good.  We still have a lot of them.

We even made one super-dooper mega-cookie.  It was biiig.  (It is now gone.  Alas for megacookie.  I loved him.)
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