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Food! Drink! Toilet paper!

Toilet paper first: you know how Charmin now has the Ultra Soft and the Ultra Strong toilet papers? You may, like myself, immediately say, "Hell with that, I'll take Soft." But try the Strong. Just one time. That's all I will say.

Next: link ganked from both ladybird97 and digitalemur: Lovecraft does chocolate truffle blurbs. It is enough Internet Awesome to last you at least a month. Non-Euclidean bon-bons, indeed.

You should probably know that there are photos of last night's cookie-baking adventures. I took some of the cookies to work today, and they disappeared as if into a Lovecraftian inter-dimensional portal. Made of MOUTHS.

In which I attempt to sound classy, and only end up sounding like a hick: Clos du Bois Chardonnay sure is damned leggy for a white wine.

ATTENTION ALL BPAL FIENDS: I have imps of the following:
Yew Trees
Eat Me
Black Phoenix
Belle Epoque
Event Horizon

(Strike-through means they have been claimed.) Email me, ewinbee at geemail, WITH A MAILING ADDRESS PLEASE, if you want them. BPAL is apparently anathemic to Ewinskins.
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