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Wait Training

Weight Training... wasn't!

First of all, nobody knew where the room number was, but it wasn't too hard to figure out that the class would be held in the massive weight room that takes up the majority of the space once you walk into the upper-side door of Health Services.  I got there early, from nerves, and then found myself twiddling my thumbs and sitting on a weight bench.  I made it through two Sudokus while the rest of the class drifted in.  It wasn't what I expected... I was expecting a bunch of military, honestly, and the people who showed up were more obviously-froshling types.  Intimidation level:  0.

Emo-thump was pumping out of the speakers too loudly for anybody to chat.  Must remember to fill iRiver full of Tool and Korn and the Parasite Eve soundtrack for iron-pumping purposes.  (Yes, Korn is whiny too, but this stuff was just a whole new level of annoying.)

At ten minutes after, someone finally came to let us know that the prof would be there on Monday.

Sitting in the weight room was so strenuous that I had to promptly go to the student center and hunker down over eggs, bacon, and those little tiny square-cut hashbrowns.  And more tea.  I stayed up way too late last night, finishing Patricia McKillip's Solstice Wood -- which has crochet geekery in it -- and only had time for one cup before leaving the house this morning.

I'll be heading to the Lumpkin building to learn about Health in a little while, which will be much more tolerable on a tummy full of cholesterol.
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