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22 August 2008 @ 10:41 am
Link Stew  
Thicker and chunkier than ever before.

From marmotaWeight Watchers works because it's an RPG.  Very cute article.  And it makes a lot of sense...

From mistervimesCornhenge.  Yes, Cornhenge.

NYT had a list of random online psychological tests you can take.  Some of them were interesting:

Sanity Score - I'm at 83% sane... more to the point, this actually gives you some good data and educates you about your results.

Project Implicit - now this is interesting.  Ever wonder about your implicit biases or prejudices?  This site can tell you all about them.  The test I took was a little annoying (you're required to do really fast associating), but the results were educational.  For the record, I took the gay/straight bias test, and I apparently have a slightly more positive attitude toward straight people than gay people, which is odd, considering the cross-section of my friends.  (Be aware that some of these results can be disconcerting.)

You Just Get Me - a very cute personality test.  Adorable, even.  I'll post my results later.

Face Research - I loved my results from this one, and wasn't in the least surprised by them.  As it turns out, I not only prefer more masculine faces on men, I even prefer a slightly more masculine face on a woman, too.  Well, hell, I could have told you that.  I'm not really big on the soft, rounded look, I never have been.  The voice test is interesting, too.
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