Wiseacre (ewin) wrote,

Wake up, start baking

Well, not really.  But I did get up and see a half-carton of heavy cream in my fridge and say to myself, "Wow.  That has to go, NOW."  Because I knew if I didn't get rid of it somehow, I'd start making coffee with real cream in it, and I'm still having weird breathing problems (have dr appt on Wednesday).

So I made a batch of whipped cream from what was left, and chucked it into the freezer.  It was nearly enough to fill a Cool Whip tub.  The best part:  I added some of that fancy Tropicana Raspberry Acai juice, so the whipped cream has just a touch of fruitiness.

The Tropicana commercial doesn't lie about "chocolatey acai berries"... the juice really does have a slightly chocolate tang to it, which is disconcerting in a fruit juice, and which is probably why it's taking me so long to drink the stuff.  But it's perfect for flavoring whipped cream.

My fridge is now relatively detoxified of dairy and baked goods.  The fridge at work still contains most of one cherry buttermilk pie.

Not much rain outside, mostly just wind.  Which means I'll have to show up for work after all.  *disgrunt*
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