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New outbreaks of measles


Autism is experiencing exactly what ADD went through:  as more research is done on it, it's getting diagnosed more and more.  That makes it nearly impossible to figure out if there are actually more cases than there used to be.

I've been following this whole vaccine phenomenon with my mouth hanging open.  I just... I can't get my head around the idea of parents not vaccinating their children.

I want to blame ignorance of history here.  Or maybe just the fact that our society seems to have lost the concept that all medical procedures involve risk... we accept that risk because the risks involved with illnesses are worse.  There's a reason why doctors will try an antidepressant with a 60% success rate on someone, even though that's considered quite low:  it's because doctors have spent years watching depressed people in utter helplessness as they dwindle and often die.

It's really a victory of medicine... one of the great victories of medicine... that we've forgotten how terrible some of these diseases used to be.

I can tell you now, though, if I had an infant below the age where they could be vaccinated, I'd immediately terminate relationships with ANY other parent with older unvaccinated children.  At least until I had the chance to protect my own.  And if you have a baby, you might want to be careful of other children as well.
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