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Pants still on the bankrupt side.

Lately, every time I've written a post, I've been forced to stop.  I'm over-editing based upon the likely comments I will get.  And that's just no way to write.

I could go comment-free for awhile and just write what I want.  I've done that before.  At the moment, I'm not really motivated to write anything meaningful anyway.

But here's some basic maintenance:  breathing thing, still there, kinda better.  Legs and feet are better since I decided that ibuprofen probably wasn't aggravating the breathing thing.  Although on Friday, I did a lower body workout in weight training and then, heh, had a bit of trouble walking... didn't much mind that, it was good honest I-used-too-much-weight pain, not the bad evil unrelated-to-anything pain that worries me so much.  Redecorated the apartment this weekend, and bought a cookie jar... then I made cookies to put into it.  Rock.

I brushed cinnamon-spice cented oil into my hair, and it's way too strong.  My hair now smells like a stick of chewing gum.

Carry on.

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F Minus again makes my day.
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