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I'll have you know that I was a Republican before it was uncool.

Yup, it is confirmed.  Lj will be limited until November, and probably past then.  If McCain wins, I'll have to limit Lj for the next four years or so and probably drop some people off the flist.  It's nothing personal, I just apparently can't get anything done if I'm also discussing politics, because I get so emotional, even when I don't want to.  And I have to take the GRE and do all sorts of fun things over the next few months.

Someone just posted an entry whining about people who whine about politics.  *blink*  I'm expecting a LOT more of this ridiculousness before the whole business wraps itself up.  The whining about the whining about the whining will get increasingly meta, and you'd hope that eventually we'd all implode upon our own ridiculousness, but it never seems to happen.  I think I'm at the second or third layer of the onion in this post.

This is nothing.  In the old days you'd have massive street fights.  These days it's just internet ping-pong.

I will say that I watched the Republican Convention last night (at least half of it), which is the first time I've watched one.  I tend not to watch them because I'm not really into the whole pep-rally thing... yes, whatever, okay, we have to yell "BOOO" every time someone says the Obama word, can we get to the next topic yet?  He's not the enemy.  He's just the competition.  Tell me about YOU, McCain/Palin.

I will say I was pleased to see that almost all of their moralizing focused on patriotism, self-made American businesses, and the courage of our soldiers.  You know.  The fun virtues.  Moralizing about "family values" was glossed over or kept to a minimum (aside from the vapid, "Don't I have a great family?  Families are awesome!" -- very safe stuff), and I'm hoping that's a sign.

The founder of eBay said some words that were awfully sweet to my ears, that nearly brought tears to my eyes, and that reminded me... after all... of why I'm a Republican in the first place.  The idea that you can't hand your freedoms over to the government and expect the government to do a good job with them.  The idea that the government shouldn't try to control you.  Conservativism in the original sense:  leave me the hell alone.  Let me defend my home.  Let my country act in its own interests, as does every country in the world, without calling it an Evil Empire.  Say what you mean.  Give me back my money.  Quit picking on the rich folks, I want to BE one of those someday!

I'm not about to whine about the way the press treats Palin, because I strongly suspect she can take care of herself in that regard.  I think she did well in her speech last night (obligatory boo-Obama remarks notwithstanding -- oh well, you have to play to the people if you want to be a politician), but she could use a bit more polish.  She's not yet warmed to the audience, and she wasn't dealing as well as she could with the applause pauses.  She needs to take a few notes from Rudy, who played that audience like a violin.  (I felt like a stereotypical schoolmarm, watching him... I disapproved of most of the jokes, but couldn't stop laughing.)

Strangely enough, Sarah's somewhat fierce manner reminded me of Hillary.  Is that just who you have to be to be a woman in power?  A pit bull with lipstick?  (I did like that line.)

I found the convention fascinating in the same way that I found myself fascinated when I watched Charlie Wilson's War with Jeff last weekend (good flick, btw, even while the sexism set my teeth on edge)... even when I was appalled at what people were doing to manipulate each other, even when I could see right through the transparent little turns of phrase and all of the window-dressing of politics, I'm simply riveted to watch people be so good at something that seems so alien to me.  I can sit there and say, "Yeah, I see what you did there..." but I could never emulate that.  It's remarkable.

I'm leaving comments off this entry because I just don't have the time (I don't really have the time to post this, actually)... and also because, if you have an opinion on the election, you're already posting about it.  :)
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