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Because I am le dork: Candle flavors

Yes, I am a dork! Also I'm having a nice day, and feel like posting fluff.

Here be ye fluff: candles I have out for autumn. All of these were purchased over the last year except the Walgreens ones...

Buttercream housewarmer
Two votives, Autumn Leaves and Fall Festival.

Living room (biggest room):
Sage & Cinnamon housewarmer on the computer desk
Autumn Wreath housewarmer by the couch
Autumn Wreath (it's my favorite) and Harvest tea lights -- Yankee just came out with a swirl candle that is a mixture of these two scents, and it leers at me every time I come into the store.
Votives in autumn candle holders: Harvest, Fireside, and Cinnamon & Frankincense
Coffee table: off-brand pillars from Walgreens. I have a Pumpkin Spice pillar in a mosaic hurricane, and a Mountain Cabin pillar on a stone stand (I got on sale in Little Five Points, months ago). Both very pretty.
I also keep my incense burners in here.

Dining/kitty room:
Ginger Citrus housewarmer on the standing freezer
Farmhouse Apple votive

Off-brand Apple Cinnamon housewarmer from A.C. Moore
White Chocolate Mint votive

Storm Front housewarmer
Vanilla Sandalwood wallflower from Bath & Body Works
(They don't seem to clash.)

Yes, I am the foremost expert at finding out-of-manufacture Yankee Candle flavors. I have one and a half White Chocolate Mint housewarmers left, too. I'm saving them for winter. (Hallmark often has flavors that Yankee has stopped making.)

* * *

elvinborn: Banana Nut Bread is available on the website as a "Returning Treasure" scent!
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