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Hi!  *waves*

I am alive.  I am okay.

I'm actually remarkably functional right now... I've been keeping all of my hundreds of little plates spinning with admirable success.  I feel odd and disconnected, though.

Score a big win for the chiropractor:  I should have gotten these orthotics months ago.  He was absolutely right, the problem with my feet and legs is that my arches were starting to fall.  I've been gradually putting in more and more mileage on the treadmills in the Health Center (just before WT), trying to work back up to where I was.  Run in my fancy running shoes, and now I walk the rest of the day in my walking shoes with the orthotics, and so far my feet still forgive me by the end of the day.

Oh, btw, Columbus peoples!!  On Wednesday night at 7pm, Carmike 15 is going to be showing Rent filmed live on Broadway.  I've have heard from more than one source that the play is SO much better than the movie, so I really want to go see it.  I'm willing to take off from work early to go see it.  Anybody else wanna go?
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