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Special K commercial peeve

It's a peeve.  Just a wee, tiny, semi-irrational emotional reaction.

But I really hate that one Special K commercial where the woman baking a cake... *gasp, shock, horror*... almost licks the bowl she'd been mixing the icing in!!

THUS DOOMING HERSELF TO A LIFE OF FLAB AND DIETARY IMPERFECTITUDE!  But then, fortunately, she's saved by a bowlful of chocolate-flavored Special K cereal.  At which point, the angels sing, the children dance merrily in the streets, and the Fatpocalypse is halted... until next time.

* * *

Here's where I would ordinarily place my rant full of logical arguments as to why the whole idea is ridiculous and insulting.  Which will only be read by people who know me and who are already possessed of a decent modicum of good sense.  So we'll both cut this short, shall we?  Sure.

*rant rant rant*
*explain explain explain*
*gripe gripe complain*
*plea for a better world*

* * *

Okay, I'm done.  *whew*  That was so liberating!  I feel much better.
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