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In which I am ambivalent about disasters.

Discovery Channel's new show, "Destroyed in Seconds", initially horrified me.  I mean, let's all get together and watch the most horrible events ever to happen!  Explosions, death, dismemberment!

I mean, cripes and Romans.  Didn't they make a movie about people going back in time just to watch this kind of stuff happen live?*  I keep waiting, pre-cringed and appall at the ready, for them to do the twin towers "Next, on a Very Special Episode..."

But I had DSC on last night as background noise, and I have to admit, I've been at least halfway converted by the show.

That's because last night they showed an enormous fireworks factory burning down in Denmark.  *blink*  A fireworks factory.  Exploding, in slow motion, for HOURS before it finally hit the stockpile.  By that time, fortunately, the town had evacuated.  One wants to say "was evacuated", but the majority of the townsfolk had gotten themselves out.  A burning fireworks factory tends to announce itself quite clearly.  It must have been deafening.

All the horror of a burning town fully taken into account, the burning of a fireworks factory is worth seeing.  And worth taping, as several bystanders attested to...


There are a few YouTube and Google vids on it around, but I doubt they do it justice.  That fire went on for an entire night.

*Don't answer that.  Not only do I know the answer, I've watched that movie more times than I will admit because I have a thing for Jeff Daniels.
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