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The effects of find-replace upon Godlike acts of creation

Well, so, this latest project in Graphics is creating a solar system.  And he gave us LOTS of data... to the point where, for the most part, we have the first few planets filled in, and it's just cut and paste to create the others.

He even gave us an example of one satellite:  the moon, and further told us how to create lists of them.  Easy peasy.

I created Mars, and Mars' satellites Phobos and Deimos, with such effortless aplomb that I rapidly went on to create Jupiter and Saturn and then just tossed in Uranus, Neptune, and Controversial#9.

While laughing great booming laughs at all of my wondrous creation, I tossed a few moons in there as well, again, using cut and paste and replacing "moon" with the appropriate "titan" or "ganymede" or "rhea".

Or even "io".

Io presented a problem.  Heh.  *cough*  Creating Io gave me the following text framework:

tempSatellite = createPlanet(ioSize);
tempSatellite->rotation = ioRotation;
tempSatellite->rotationSpeed = ioRotationSpeed;
tempSatellite->translation = ioTranslation;
tempSatellite->translationSpeed = ioTranslationSpeed;
tempSatellite->distance = ioDistance;
tempSatellite->inclination = ioInclination;
tempSatellite->tilt = ioTilt;

When I did a find-replace on "io" and changed it over to "titan", I got the following:

tempSatellite = createPlanet(titanSize);
tempSatellite->rotattitann = titanRotattitann;
tempSatellite->rotattitannSpeed = titanRotattitannSpeed;
tempSatellite->translattitann = titanTranslattitann;
tempSatellite->translattitannSpeed = titanTranslattitannSpeed;
tempSatellite->distance = titanDistance;
tempSatellite->inclinattitann = titanInclinattitann;
tempSatellite->tilt = titanTilt;

It's like code with a part for percussion!  I'm still cleaning up the mess.  And refusing to give into the urge to forever pronounce "inclination" as "inclinattitann" (said, I'd like to know... where you got the nottitann... we've been sailing with a cargo full of, love and devottitann...).
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