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LJ creates weirdness.

Let's face it, we're all pretty much warped forever.

I might be referring to the fact that I'm watching The Wizard of Oz right now and shaking my head to attempt to clear it of all the references from Wicked.  But I'm not referring to that.

I'm referring to my yearly ritual:  the Holiday Resolutions.  I.e., this year I will make sure my thank-you cards are at close hand and I will definitely send them.  This year I will get the cookies made earlier.  This year I will shop for cheap cards and wrapping paper the first few weeks of January.  Etc. etc. etc.

Except now I have a few new ones:  This year I will reply to everyone's "I need your address to send cards" poll and/or entry the moment I see it, instead of setting it to a tab and forgetting about it.  This year I will ask for my own list of addresses in the first week of December AND NO LATER.  This year I will think of free or cheap and/or digital things to put on my flist greedlist.  Etc. etc. etc.

In other news, the new commercial about deep-frying an unthawed turkey is awesome.

And also, I appear to be trying to catch some kind of crud.  Fortunately I catch like a girl, so hopefully I'll miss.  *hack*

Also I cooked chili today, and fried up some mushrooms and baked some chicken.  My kitchen informed me that it has missed me.
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