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So, that ick I was trying not to catch?  I caught it like a champ.  I spent yesterday laying around (boy, my schedule sure is nice since Health ended) like a miserable, mucus-oozing lump in fuzzy pjs, and today I managed to drag myself to class.

Just had the following exchange with toqueville:
octane:  Feeling better?
Ewin:  At home with fuzzy pjs.  Yay.  ;)
Ewin:  Still kinda poorly though.  I do have Vicks & lotion Puffs.  Those are new.
octane:  Lotion puffs are awesome.
Ewin:  Vicks are even cooler!
octane:  eh?
Ewin:  They have them with Vicks in them.
Ewin:  You get a whiff of whooo every time you snorfle.
octane:  lol.
Ewin:  That sentence betrays several medications.
Ewin:  Obviously I've been to the store today.  :)
Ewin:  I also got some big motherfucking Q.
Ewin:  I haven't taken any yet.
Ewin:  It's leering at me from the counter.
octane:  Oooh.  Take it in bed.
Ewin:  k
octane:  It's the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching head, how the hell did I get on the cold kitchen floor medicine. ;-)
Ewin:  Congratulations!  This conversation has officially become Bloggable.
octane:  I must admit, that bit is from a standup comic.
octane:  Before you go claiming it as mine.
Ewin:  I'll be sure to note that.

Thanks to waitingonhope for introducing me to Vicks Puffs (with Vicks!  Oh, and lotion).

Also I'm s'posed to show people this:

There is no Paperclip Man.
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