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What I like about cold weather

marmota started a meme on things you like about cold weather -- this in response to people complaining about it.  Well, I'm happy that it's gotten colder here, so I'll bite!

- The color of the sky is awesome.  Winter sky is such a deep, distant blue.

- It's actually nice to be on the second floor of an apartment building.  :)  My downstairs neighbor is apparently some species of fragile tropical bird, and they turn their heat way up all winter long, saving me no end of energy costs.  (The flip side of this is that they probably believe me to be some arctic creature who saves them any need to run A/C during the hot months.)

- The riverwalk downtown does not stink the way it does in summer.

- Hot drinks and malty/stout beers taste much better.

- Cracker Barrel lights their fireplace.  I used to live in a house with a fireplace.  I would love to have one again.

- A snow day in Georgia is nothing but an excuse to party.  And wreck cars too, but also party.

- I love love love that slightly smoky smell that cold air has.

Now I just need to get well so that I can enjoy all this.
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