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State of the Ewin

People keep asking me how my foot is, which says to me that I forgot to say on here that it's better now.  :)  It just took awhile.

I need to go talk to various departments at school, but would prefer to wait until my mucus shut-off valve goes back to normal functioning.  Also, NyQuil only barely works on me?  What kind of a freak of nature am I?

I was stressing about my final project for Graphics, thinking about how I wanted to make it something useful, thinking about how I wanted to make something worthwhile, and not coming up with anything.  Then I came up with an idea.  I spent a few hours today working on it, and I think it will be nice when I'm done.  Is it useful?  Is it worthwhile?  NO.  Is it shiny?  Yes.  We'll go with shiny, then.
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