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yendi recommended that we play the Interactive Fiction game Violet, which can be downloaded here.

I was in a whimsical mood, so I even went and tracked down Gargoyle so that I could play it properly.  (For Mac users, use Spatterlight.)

And this is the most awesome IF adventure ever.  It's hilarious.  It's touching.  It has zombies and pirates (and at least one hidden ninja).  And best of all?

It's a game about writing a thousand words of your dissertation.

A text adventure game in which you battle PROCRASTINATION!  That's so meta it breaks my head in half.

(You can also set your gender to female by either typing "FEMALE" or by typing "HETERONORMATIVITY OFF".  Violet will call you pet names either way.)

* * *

Incidentally, folks, I am absolutely dying of curiosity here.

I set my Gmail to the "tree" theme and it asked me for my location. WHY? What changes based on my location? SO FAR IT ALWAYS JUST LOOKS LIKE A TREE!

* * *

Edit later: OH hey! You can play an online version of Violet, without having to download or install a thing.

* * *

Edit and I ought to be in bed: THIS BUMPER STICKER SHALL BE MINE. Good lord. Now the game is making me shop.
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