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Pictures:  pumpkin stuff, and elvinborn

First, a pic of elvinborn that I took some time a couple of weeks back.

All she wanted to do was sit on the sofa with a nice blanky, and suddenly she was covered with animals!  This happens quite often to elvinborn.

What do you do when you roast a pumpkin to make your own puree, and then end up burning your beautiful pies?

First, don't panic.  You have an elvinmom to go to for advice in these matters.  If the custard part of the pie is fine (only the crust got burnt), scoop it out!  No point in wasting perfectly good custard.

Then, make minipies with all your might!

I rebaked them just for a few minutes to make sure the crusts were set.  Lovely!  I hope they still taste okay.

Fortunately, the pumpkin butter turned out quite nice on the first attempt:

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