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That'll teach me to meddle...

So irene_adler mentions that Chris Onstad (the author/artist of Achewood) is signing autographs in a location near her, and is nonetheless waffling about heading over there and meeting him.

So I tell her, "You have to go, you're being just like Roast Beef right now."  And she goes.  A few minutes later, I get a text message something like "ASDFOMG HE'S SO NICE!"

Several days later, I get this in the mail:

MASSIVE MAJOR SQUEE!  Dude!  A Great Outdoor Fight poster!  Signed to me!  BY THE ONSTAD HISSELF!!

It totally made my day.  :)

*BIG HUGS* to irene_adler.  Hopefully I won't take this as future encouragement to meddle.  ;)
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