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Brief news

I finally got a chance to take my car up to Atlanta and have my good friends take a look at it.

The verdict:  it's a good little car, and will live until the day it dies.  I just need to feed it oil now and then.  Des didn't even think the clutch needs replacing.  So we can take the quote on the remanufactured engine (along with the massive side order of panic) and shove it.  Back into my glove compartment.

This is a HUGE weight off of me.

I've been scarce lately because I've been trying to get a few other weights off my shoulders, too... mainly graduation stuff.  I was running around campus from meeting to meeting so much last week that I ended up with a limp this morning (apparently my tendonitis is still keeping score).

This has been the story of several months now, actually.  Knock a little weight off here, push a bit of stress off there.  It's very serious work, and I haven't wanted to talk about it too much, for fear of scaring it off.

In other good news, Denorex is changing the packaging on their coal tar shampoo.  (Why is this such good news?  Because I was terrified that their disappearance off store shelves meant that someone else was pushing another cancer scare and that they'd again discontinued the formula.  They haven't.  They didn't.  Whee!)
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