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I was all completely stoked about the fact of being, well, done for the semester, and went to bed last night reading a novel, and woke up late this morning to find...

The cats knocked my Christmas tree down.

Now, they've broken many an ornament, and certainly ripped some tree skirts to shreds over the years.  The worst was the cheap, snowy cotton flocked skirt with glitter.  They chewed it into tiny pieces, and now it serves as wadding for my ornament storage.  The current skirt is a nice, serviceable, and mostly inedible flat cotton print.  This year, I taped it to the floor with double-sided tape.

This morning, the tree was on its side, but the skirt was still mostly in place.  *facepalm*

Both of my blown-glass swans were broken, but reparable, and the star (which has twitchy lights) was still lit.  Almost every other ornament stayed on the tree.  I wrap those suckers well on those branches.

Still, there was some yelling and screeching this morning, and the cats were shut up in my bedroom until the mess was repaired.  Then, when I had everything back to where it was, I went into the bedroom and promptly trimmed their claws (not exactly a punishment, but they hate that worse than anything in the world, so let's just call it a case of justified timing).

They did not get their morning gooshyfood until 11am... otherwise known as "When Mommy is damned good and ready to feed you, you fuzzy little miscreants."

Note to self:  please call Mom and remind her that she does NOT want a cat.
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