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Completely bizarre moments in music fandom

As often happens just at semester's end, I am moved to go through iTunes and listen to things I have not heard before.  It's as if my brain suddenly has more space.

So the other day, geogre gets me hooked on Brad Mehldau, a rather funky jazz pianist (who performs with two rather funky other guys as the Brad Mehldau Trio), and I blew a few bucks in the iTunes store getting Mehldau's Radiohead covers and the Live album with the completely mind-blowing 23 minute lounge cover of Soungarden's "Black Hole Sun" on it.  And then there's also the cover of "Wonderwall", I song I never realized I liked until Brad got his hands on it.

So I'm trying to absorb Mehldau, and it's going slowly, because jazz isn't my first love.  I take a break from him and decide to listen to something else.  This is really an exercise in futility:  what I want is to find something to listen to that will make the data entry I'm doing at work interesting.  Ha.

I have several of dj snej's mixes in my iTunes, btw.  Downloaded them ages ago.  Have I listened to them during those years?  Why no!  The only one I've listened to is Shiver, which I guess is just because it's intimidating to listen to a single 80 minute track.  I decided that this was ridiculous, and started listening to The Dragons of Blueland a few minutes ago.

The second piece mixed into The Dragons of Blueland is Brad Mehldau playing Radiohead's "Knives Out".  I spent a good minute or so trying to figure out whether my iTunes or my brain was broken.  "Dude.  Wasn't I just listening to that?"

But, no, it wasn't my brain or my computer, it was just snej being several years ahead of me on the musical curve...
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