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Any excuse to say hootenanny

Carolyn Hax's live chat, which today was the annual Holiday Hootenanny of Horrors, is well worth the read.  Some of them are funny, many of them are mouth-droppingly awful, but all of them are vastly reassuring at the moment.  Even the one with the possible unsolved murder. (The Christmas horror stories don't start until about halfway through the chat. Up til then, it's just the usual advice and whatnot.)

And anyway, I needed to see some zany stuff that proves:  EVERYONE's family is nuts.  One of my favorite bits:
How about a Chanukah story?:  My boyfriend and I were at a friend's Chanukah party, surrounded by wonderful fried foods and music and laughing, great party.  My boyfriend and I had agreed to exchange gifts for Chanukah, and to me that meant a silly fun gift like the semiautomatic marshmallow shooter I bought him.  At the party however, he broke open a diamond tennis bracelet and, with everyone watching, made a big show about putting it on me.  It was mortifying-- both because he was so extravagant with the giving and because I had gotten him such a crap present in comparison.  We broke up not long later for other reasons... but my friends still tease me about my "Maccabee with the chain."

Carolyn Hax:  Horrors don't discriminate, so why should we?  My Xmas list just acquired a semi-automatic marshmallow shooter.
As did mine.

What else do I want for Christmas?  Hmm.

A really nice vacuum cleaner, maybe.

Otherwise, recipes!  I always ask for recipes!  Oooo!  And good poems!  I would love any good poems you've got.
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