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I have done the work of ten gorillas!

My day began at 6:40am and just ended.  *dies*

The good news is, I have clean laundry, some new tasks at work, my shopping is done, and I've baked the molasses spice cookies.  They are the most sensitive of the cookies in terms of getting burnt; but that was not an issue.  Because I baked them all in the elvinmom's lovely convection oven.  Which, apparently, is such an awesome oven that it would never even occur to it to ruin anything so lovely as a molasses spice cookie.  That oven took care of those cookies like they were its little gooey children.

I love that oven.

Every batch came out perfect, which means I have more cookies than usual.

In other news, my feet have been well enough lately that I've been able to wear normal shoes... er, not to excess, just now and then.  But today I was dumbass enough to go out SHOPPING in a normal pair of boots.  Oddly enough, though my feet hurt by the end of it, it was my back that was really keeping score.  I promptly came home, resigned myself to being an old coot, and put on my orthotics (to wear while baking a hundred cookies).

I'm grinding my teeth just a little bit at night.  I so want to get all this stuff done... it's an entirely different kind of stress from school stress.  This is more of "how far can I push my body before it breaks".  Baking is harder on me this year than usual because of my feet.  But it's always been something of a marathon.
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