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Next Semester's Dilemma

So the Swahili conundrum has reached it's full pitch with my graduating semester (because, like, what if all the schools in the world explode right after I graduate and I never have a chance to take a class AGAIN?).

I have three classes I need to graduate:  Communication, Programming Languages, and Senior Software Engineering Project Thingy Doohickey.

I could just take those and snooze all semester long.

Or I could take one or two of the following options (all of which are currently on my schedule):

Advanced Database Systems - Zanev is not my favorite, and I know it'll be hard.  But I'm a database monkey.  And I spent a couple of years disappointed that I probably wouldn't get a chance to take this class.  Now I have a chance to take this class.  It won't be too much fun, but it will be USEFUL...

Foundations of Advanced Mathematics - this is a class I want to take as a means of determining, "Hey, do I REALLY want to dive deep into the Math world here?"  I think it will be fun, but challenging.  I reeeeally want to take it.  I reeeeally don't know if I can handle the resulting schedule.

Elementary French I - I've been playing around with the idea of taking some French for over a year now.  Why?  I dunno.  I just like the language more and more, and I hate it that the only language I've taken anything of (Spanish) is one of my least favorite to speak or listen to.  I actually like French films, after all.  And I bet it would be an easy A.  Also, Mom wants me to go to France with her, and I want to learn some French before than, and I know I won't make any headway studying it on my own.  Still... this class will probably be the first one I decide to drop.

That's six classes, yo.  My schedule is maxxed out.  I just want them all!  *is huge dork*

* * *

Edit:  dropped French.  geogre is right, just torrent a program and learn it.  I can't risk even walking into that classroom, I know what will happen, it will be all fun and interesting like my Criminal Justice courses and I won't be able to drop it when I need to.

So now I'm down to four difficult classes... and Communication.
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