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Advice sorely needed

So, okay.


Suppressing the urge to elaborate.  Just stick to the facts.  I'm barely sliding under the admissions deadlines for the schools I would like to attend.

I would have studied for the GRE last summer.
I would have taken the GRE in October.
I would have taken the GRE Math subject test in November.
I would have applied to schools early this month.

And so on, and so forth.  None of these things happened.  I didn't even start thinking about these things until early fall.  Nothing whatsoever can be done about that now.

Now.  The next Math Subject GRE test is not until April, far beyond all application deadlines.  I can only just barely manage to slide the general GRE by Jan 6th, for applications which need to be turned in by Jan 15th.  I can not do grad school without financial aid or a fellowship, which means I need that Subject test.  My GPA is not going to help me.

Should I take a year off, study like hell, and apply for schools next year?

Should I just suck it up and apply and see what happens?

Does this happen to everybody?

* * *

Edit: I had better take a year off and work. I can not apply to any of my Boston schools without the Math Subject test.

I am not going to panic.

* * *

Okay, so far? Today sucks too.
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