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Baking for the holiday, 2008

Merry Christmas!

You'll have to just imagine the pies, I'm afraid.

This is what every other cake in the world wants to be, but they can't, because only the white chocolate pound cake can be the white chocolate pound cake.  And... seriously... is there anything better than drizzling chocolate on top of a cake?

It fit very nicely on the plate.  Which was a good thing, because I'm an idiot.  I drizzled the melted chocolate on the cake while it was on this plate, and then set it in the fridge to harden while it was on the plate, thus ensuring that, for the life of this particular cake, it would REMAIN ON THAT PLATE.

That's right, I glued it.  Quite impressively and solidly glued the thing, with nothing but chocolate.  It wouldn't come off until I sliced it up and put it into tins.

Now, in this lifetime, if you can't be a white chocolate pound cake, really, the next best thing to be is one of these cranberry cakes:

Aren't they gorgeous?  You'd think I'd brushed the tops with butter or some kind of glaze, but no, they just decided to turn out that awesome for me.

Here are the completely unburnt spice cookies:

And here are the quite moist, yummy leftover cookies:

Owing to... some strange alchemical reaction with the cranberries and the cream cheese I suspect, most of the cookies are slightly.  Um.  Gray?  A bit greenish?  In the center.

It doesn't affect the taste at all, they are WONDERFUL cookies.  But I've never made gray cookies before.  I'm going to try cream cheese in chocolate chip cookies again sometime and see if it does the same thing.

Here are the magic cookie bars:

Peanut butter nutty on the left, white chocolate peppermint on the right.  Both quite nice.

The fun part's over.  Now... the lemon cookies:

I can tell you that chair is not at all a kind one.  I can also say that this is a classic case of me painting myself into a corner.  You see, once I had the lemon cookies made, the icing needed to dry before I could pack them up in stacks.

So what on EARTH do I do?  Where's the space to put them so that I can then use the table for the sugar cookies?

Overflow onto the desk...

You know, these cooling racks have been no end of useful.

Yeesh, where else?

Oh for the love of...

Well, I suppose it will have to do.  Now the sugar cookies.


This is about the point where I started to spew profanity.

And then, I died.  This entry was posted by the ghostly Spirit of Christmas Ewin Past.
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