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I have HAD it

I would have been to bed a half hour earlier, but I lost some time doing something I hate to do.  It takes me half an hour to clean out my beloved hair brush.

Er.  Okay.  This hairbrush is special; Ouidad makes it for curly hair, and it's wonderful, it's possibly the only brush on earth (I know, I've looked, for YEARS) that doesn't pull my hair out.  I love the brush.  And I fought for this brush.  I actually went around for weeks with Ouidad, attempting to order one of these things and get it delivered to me.  They kept missing my door somehow (no other online retailer has ever had any trouble finding me).

But I don't love the fact that it takes me so long to clean the darn thing out.  The brush gets full of hair, I cut the mass of hair in half and pull it off the brush, and inevitably, there is this strange red gunky stuff trapped on the bristles by the wee knoblets at the ends.  The gunk is a combination of hair, fuzz, oil, and some mystery ingredient that makes it red.  It's always red.  What makes it red?  I don't know.

I have to go in with baby scissors and cut each gunky clump off each plastic bristle to get the stuff off.  Nothing else, so far, works.  And this isn't ignorable, either, these are HUGE gunkies.  (And why are they red?)

Does ANYBODY else have this problem, and if so, what do you do?  Put the damn thing in the dishwasher?  Scrub it with a citrus peeler?  Hire a maid?  AAAAAAAAAARGH!
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