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The Mysterious Case of the Soon To Be Bankrupt Pants

The best part about the iPod Shuffle:  when you accidentally drop it, it's so light that it doesn't even fall off the earbud jack.  It also doesn't yank your earbuds out of your ears, but I've never actually had the heavier one do that by dropping it, which means there's either a high coefficient of friction between earbud foam and ear skin, or else my ears are unusually hungry ones (NOM NOM FEED US EERBUDS PLZ).

School starts tomorrow, and with it, bankrupt pants.  Alas.  I will miss you guys.  But I've actually kept up with lj recently, and as a result, I've realized just exactly how much time that requires.  I guess this is the dilemma of the 00's, eh?

Besides, recent events... enh.  I'm apparently in the midst of one of those small drama eddies that move through space-time and slam you right in the ass when you least expect it (not to be confused with an enormous drama vortex), and I need to stay away from social interaction until it leaves me alone again.
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