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I regret to inform various interested parties that we haven't actually done any singing in my math class.

Yet.  (I'm holding out hope.  It's still a very hippyish Socratic sort of class.)

So, took advantage of the holiday today to get my carpet steamed (it was the free cleaning that comes with my lease renewal, and I was really hoping it was the last one, but who knows how much longer I'll be here now).  Which was an odd combination of hard work and sloth all day long.  Early in the morning, I got up and moved a bunch of furniture outside and vacuumed, much the same way you brush your teeth in preparation for the dentist.  The steamers arrived around 11:30, were done in the wink of an eye, and well, after that, it was just me lounging on my bed for several hours... snacking, watching tv, napping, and attempting to keep carpet traffic to a minimum.  Then, just now, I wrangled all the furniture back inside.  The carpet won't be completely dry until morning, but there wasn't much choice there... couldn't leave my stuff outside in 30 degree weather.  It's fairly dry in here now.

I'm left feeling like a mixture of tough biotch (what moves furniture) and couch potato.  Bed potato.  Whatever.  Some variant of napping, eating vegetation.

The really fun part is that I picked yesterday to quit caffeine.  I figure even a few days off from the constant tea drinking would do my esophagus some much-needed therapy.  But today, I needed the napping.  And lots of tylenol.

Oh god, I have to study my stupid lecture again.

I make stress into a kind of art form, I've realized.
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