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Autism Insurance Reform Bill to be debated in Georgia next week

I'm just going to go ahead and quote the whole post:
Senate Bill 161, "Ava's Law", sponsored by Senator Johnny Grant will be heard on Tuesday afternoon, March 3, 2009 before the Senate Insurance and Labor Committee. House Bill 426, the House version of Ava's Law sponsored by Representative Katie Dempsey, will be heard early on Wednesday morning, March 4, 2009 before the House Committee on Insurance. Ava's Law would require private health insurance companies to cover the screening, diagnosis, testing and evidence based, medically-necessary therapies for the treatment of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) including ABA therapy up to $55,000 a year.

Many of you have met my stepsons, Jorgito and Leo, both of whom have Autism Spectrum Disorder. The miraculous intervention and treatment that they currently receive costs over $150,000 per year, and insurance pays less than a tenth of that, and insurance only pays after months of haggling and negotiating and jumping through hoops. Some of the rest is covered by grants and scholarships, and the rest is paid out of pocket. Before receiving the proper diagnosis and treatment, I was told they were retarded or mentally deficient in some way, and that they could never be integrated into "normal" educational programs. Now we know they have completely normal IQs, and have extremely bright, promising futures- thanks entirely to their intensive therapy programs.

Please, I'm literally begging you to forward this info to all of your friends and family, and contact our legislators to get these bills passed next week! Click here to send an email to the legislators, or call the numbers below. $55,000 worth of coverage is truly just a drop in the bucket, but it would be a lifeline to thousands of children and their families. Register at www.autismvotes.org to receive more info about this worthy cause, and to receive updates on the progress- And please join us in person! The Senate hearing is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon and the House hearing is scheduled for bright and early Wednesday morning. We need to pack the room and hallways with hundreds of Georgia citizens eager for autism insurance reform. Wear red and bring pictures of your children. I hope to hear from you or see you there!

Senator Ralph Hudgens, Chairman (R-47) 404-656-4700
Senator David Shafer, Vice Chairman (R-48) 404-656-0048
Senator Dan Moody (R-56) 404-463-8055
Senator Robert Brown (D-26) 404-656-5035
Senator Jeff Chapman (R-3) 404-656-0045
Senator Tim Golden (D-8) 404-656-7580
Senator Ed Harbison (D-15) 404-656-0074
Senator Jack Murphy (R-27) 404-656-7127
Senator Chip Pearson (R-51) 404-656-9221
Senator Ronald Ramsey (D-43) 404-463-2598
Senator Chip Rogers (R-21) 404-463-1378
Senator John Wiles (R-37) 404-657-0406

This was posted by my old friend rubix1138.  Definitely worth reaching out and seeing if there's anything we can do about this. 
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