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I'm mentally exhausted again.  It's a rare treat for me.

I've never gotten to feel this way before.  I mean, not for months at a time.  And this entire semester, excepting the brief time during and after Spring Break when I was definitely experiencing an ADD brain-break, I have been in this state of mind at least twice a week.

I mean, I usually get the feeling of exhaustion from fighting my own brain day in and day out.  But the kind of exhaustion that comes from steady effort is just awesome.  "I'm exhausted because I did all this STUFF!  Yay!"

I'm trying to appreciate it as much as possible.  As it is, it's just a feeling of relief and peace.  I feel like I've finally achieved the default level of function.  Which is stupid.  I need GLEE here.  Default-level-of-function-glee, dammit!  DLOFG.  For when I'm tempted to say things like, "Well, seems I'm finally getting the hang of this," I can slam my fist down on the table, yell bold and gleeful things, and cite DLOFG.
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