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By the time you finish this article, another person in the United States will have killed himself.  More than 30,000 people do it every year, one every 15 minutes.  My father's was a textbook case:  Depressed white male with gun offs himself in May.  December may be the loneliest month, April the cruelest, but May is the peak time for suicide.  No one knows why, but I can guess:  You've made it through another winter, but your world is no warmer.

This year, thousands of families will begin the process that ours began that night 20 years ago.  Studies show that their grief will be more complicated, more intense and longer lasting than for any other form of death in the family.  They will receive less support and more blame from others.  Some will never really get over it:  Children of suicides become a higher risk for suicide themselves.

Just a reminder.  We're well into the highest suicide month of the year.  Take care of yourselves, take care of each other.
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